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Inside the study room, Mu Shengchens handsome face was filled with anger. Yes, although he did not hear the conversation between them, from Ning Qianyus reply, he could vaguely guess that it was about getting him back to the Mus Group.

With a sigh, Mu Shengchen drove his wheelchair out of the study room.

Ning Qianyu, who was in the dining room, quickly put the contract into her bag when she heard the sound of a wheelchair.

"What are you hiding?" Mu Shengchens voice sounded behind her.

Ning Qianyu panicked as the contract in her hands fell to the ground.

She immediately bent over and wanted to pick it up, but Mu Shengchen came towards and both of them picked up the contract at the same time.

"Erm, Chen, let go of it," Ning Qianyu was afraid that Mu Shengchen would find out that it was a contract regarding the Mus Sales Departments manager, therefore, she was so anxious to get it back from Mu Shengchen.

"Hmm? Let me take a look," Mu Shengchen was intended to expose Ning Qianyus worries, so, how could he let Ning Qianyu take the contract away? His gazes fell on the contract.

He saw it! Ning Qianyus body froze, covering with cold sweat. Would he be mad? Would he be mad at her for bringing the contract back?

Mu Shengchen looked at the cover of the contract quietly for a few seconds, then he lifted his eyes and stared at Ning Qianyus anxious pale face.

"Did you bring this back?" Mu Shengchen said in a calm voice, causing Ning Qianyu unable to refute as she nodded her head.

"Do you want me to go back to the Mus?" Mu Shengchens voice was still extremely indifferent as if he was talking about someone elses matter

Ning Qianyu anxiously pinched the hem of her clothes, not knowing how to answer him. She neither wanted to remind Mu Shengchen about those bad memories nor did she want to hurt grandmas heart.

Mu Shengchen stared at the contract in his hand for about three minutes, subsequently picked up a pen and signed his name on it, placing the contract on the dining table in front of Ning Qianyu.

Ning Qianyu glanced at Mu Shengchen, then at on the contract on the dining table.

At the bottom of the contact, there was clearly written with Mu Shengchens signature.

He had signed it... Did it mean he had agreed to enter Mus Group? Had he walked out from his fear?

Ning Qianyu looked at Mu Shengchen in disbelief, her voice trembling slightly, "Did... did you agree to return to the Mus as a sales manager?"

Mu Shengchens gaze was indolent as the dazzling lights shone on his face, making his facial features to look even more delicate like an angel descended from heaven.

"I agree, but on one condition."

"What condition?" Ning Qianyu looked at Mu Shengchen with doubt.

"Come here, then Ill tell you," Mu Shengchen crooked his finger at Ning Qianyu.

Ning Qianyu moved her face closer to Mu Shengchen, then Mu Shengchen whispered something into her ear, causing her to blush right away.

"This…" Ning Qianyus face sunk after hearing what Mu Shengchen said. How could there be such a condition?

Mu Shengchen said very casually, "You don agree? Then forget it," He then controlled his wheelchair and left.

Ning Qianyu bit her lips and called out to Mu Shengchen, "Alright, I promise you."

Mu Shengchens face revealed a cunning smile as if he had succeeded in his scheme. When he turned around, his cunning smile had already turned into a gentle one, emitting a seductive and domineering aura, "Come here."

"Now?" Ning Qianyu was stupefied at her position.

Mu Shengchen did not say anything, just raised his eyebrows as if he was waiting for Ning Qianyus decision.

Ning Qianyu walked towards Mu Shengchen at an extremely slow pace. He then put a smile on his face as he approached Ning Qianyu. He actually really going to… They were in the dining room! But she had already promised him, so she could not reject him, could she?

Because she did not know what to do, so she ended up closing her eyes and just obeyed him. However, one could tell how nervous she was with her trembling lashes.

"You can be thinking that Im going to kiss you, right?" Suddenly, Mu Shengchens slightly mocking voice sounded by her ear.

Ning Qianyu instantly opened her eyes and saw Mu Shengchen looking at her in ridicule, "You have a leaf on your hair," Mu Shengchen swept away the leaf with the tip of his finger.

So, he was just trying to take the leaf of her head, not intending to do that at all.

"Erm, Im going to cook dinner."

With that, Ning Qianyu blushed and ran into the kitchen as fast as she could, trying to hide her embarrassment.

Mu Shengchens joyful laughter sounded behind her as Ning Qianyu patted her cheeks in annoyance, "Ning Qianyu, youve lost so much face this time."

Mu Shengchen, who was in a good mood, took the contract and returned to his study room. After reading through the information about Mus that Ye Xi sent over, he stared at the contract for a long time. Only then, he picked up the phone and pressed on the Old Madam Mus number.

"Little Chen, whats make you call grandma?" Old Madam Mus cheerful voice came from the other side.

"Isn grandma waiting for my call too?" Mu Shengchen leaned back on his chair and said in an indifferent voice with no hint of emotion.

"Little Chen, it was indeed grandmas idea. Don blame Qianyu. That child could not resist my request so she had no choice but to agree," Old Madam Mu thought Mu Shengchen was calling for an accusation, therefore, she immediately explained for Ning Qianyu.

"Tell President Mu that Ive already signed the contract. As for when I should start working, ask him to contact Ye Xi," After that, he hung up without waiting for Old Madam Mus response.

The dim light in the study room shone on Mu Shengchens face, only half of his emotionless face could be seen.

After showering, Ning Qianyu dawdled for some time, entering Mu Shengchens room hesitantly. Thats right, Mu Shengchens condition was to let Ning Qianyu move into his room.

At that moment, Mu Shengchen was leaning against the headboard, flipping through magazines leisurely, without the slightest bit of awkwardness or discomfort.

When he saw Ning Qianyu walking into the room, he slightly lifted his head and glanced at her.

Ning Qianyus body stiffened once she met his eyes, then only climbed onto the other side bed as if she was relaxed, covered herself with the blanket, and slept with her back facing Mu Shengchen.

Mu Shengchen smirked, placed the magazine on the bedside table, and hugged Ning Qianyu from behind.

"Not used to it? After some time, youll get used to it," An ambiguous voice sounded in Ning Qianyus ears, causing her to feel ticklish.

How could she not be used to it? She had gotten used to this since a long time ago, just that she felt lightly strange for asking her to move into his room.

Mu Shengchen hugged her tightly, "Why would you want me to go to Mus?" When he said that, Mu Shengchen sounded slightly nervous as he stared at her.

"Because both grandmother and I want to untie the knot in your heart," Ning Qianyu answered truthfully.

Hearing Ning Qianyus answer, Mu Shengchen pulled back some of the strength in his arms and said, "You don have to go through so much trouble just to untie of the knot in my heart."

"Then what should I do?" Ning Qianyu immediately asked.

"This," Mu Shengchen suddenly pressed his lips against Ning Qianyus.

"Ah! You liar!" Ning Qianyu pushed Mu Shengchen away, but along with her trembling voice, the atmosphere in the room changed. It sounded more like a rejection greeting between lovers.

"This is your punishment. You actually secretly brought back the contract without me knowing. This is also one of the conditions."

"Why is there so many conditions?! Ive regretted it," Ning Qianyu retorted.

"Its too late to regret," Mu Shengchen smiled charmingly as he turned around and pinned on Ning Qianyu.

It seemed like Ning Qianyu was unable to escape from him tonight.

He was just kidding, just as Mu Shengchen said.

She would have to pay the price for bringing back the contract.

CEO Mus efficiency was considered high. On the next day, he had already arranged his underlings to contact Ye Xi, and also started the preparations for Mu Shengchen to enter Mus Group. Although there were some obstacles, to CEO Mu, those were only some small matter, so he could just quickly get rid of them.

Two days later, Mu Shengchen had officially become the manager of the Sales Department, and he also started his work life at nine in the morning to five in the evening. As for Ning Qianyu, she went to the hospital to visit her mother in the morning, and at noon, she would prepare food and deliver it to Mu Shengchens office. Right after that, she would go to the institute for classes in the afternoon.

The Sales Departments manager was originally an important department of Mus group. However, due to the secret arrangement of some people in Mus, Mu Shengchen, the Sales Departments manager, became a puppet manager.

However, Mu Shengchen did not care. Everyday, he went to work on time and get off work on time, just like the other employees.

Mu Shengchen lifted his head to look at the wall where the short thick arm of the clock was pointing at 11, which also meant that Ning Qianyu would be here to deliver his lunch in half an hour. He pursed his seductive lips gracefully, put his personal laptop on his desk into his briefcase, looking forward to Ning Qianyus arrival.

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