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Cains Jealousy Chapter 45: Project

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I was holding my phone in my hand, looking at the little caricature of PH talking from my screen.

PH, this time, wasn bringing about good news exactly...No, this time its an alert for whats about to happen.

Said PH.

I know a portion of what PH can do if given a computer...and believe me when I say hes amazing. Like really amazing! His talents are imaginably AMAZING! PH is the type of guy who would write a complex program in a week! His super talented and never used that for money...instead used it for fun like helping me find dirt on people...

His talent was amazing, I can imagine how much it grew now that he can dive into the net...literally!

I knew I would regret asking that question the moment they came out of my mouth...

He said

Just spot it out already! Stress is making my Bearguin heart shake!

He said and followed

Suddenly my screen turned black and the interface changed to that of a video player.

I tilted my phone for a better view and watched the video silently...

It showed a short resume of what happened with PH explaining every detail.

What happened was that a few months ago, PH got an assignment from his boss. The assignment was to create a program of a certain machine. That machines purpose was that similar of an Antenna connected to a satellite network.

The satellites belonged to the company and the antenna too. The Program was a very complex code inspired from a certain persons power...

PH passed four months studying with professionals trying to understand the psychic powers of a girl and a boy. Two twins at the young age of 12. The boy is called Alex and the girl is called Roxy.

The kids ability was related to the Gemini constellation. They power from it and whenever they both held hands they activated powerful mental abilities.

The Project was all about trying to study that power, and try to replicate it using engines and PHs coding abilities to open up into a knew era of exchange in information using the mental network.

He said then explained why he didn complete the program.

He said He stopped for a while then said He said then followed

PH...my friend only cares about having fun. He would never partake in such Machiavellic plan. He is just way too soft for something like this! The only thing that could be called illegal and bad he ever did was that he used to hack other peoples game accounts for more money in game! Thats all!

PH is a good guy! and the people who wanted to make use of him are just so...STUPID! This softy would never try to control the world! Ever!

I was at lost of words. I didn know what to say or where to begin.

PH just told me that the world as we know it is facing a crisis...Well, at the very least I know what I am going against.

I took a breath and spoke

he answered

I asked.

He said...

I asked.

he said

He stopped then sighed and spilled the beans

I said that knowing that I was just trying to ignore the problem...

He said he said

Hes right, even if I use my powers or run to the mirror verse, I won be able to escape the psychic control of the Gemini Project. After all, the mirror verse will have the same waves diffused through it by the copy engine and the copy antenna...

Ill have to find a way to stop this...one way or another.

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