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In order to maintain the normal living cycle, we still use the time system of earth in our spaceship. There is a standard atomic clock in our spaceship. After leaving earth, we can still keep the timing system the same as that on earth.

In our spaceship, we still maintain the 24 hours a day living cycle. Under this situation, we can still have 8 hour sleeping, 8 hour working and 8 hour resting. We can still have 3 meals a day. This timing system is very good to our health.

To Tony, Sam, Lily, Mei and me, we just need to have 8 hour sleeping. Our working and resting time can be arranged according to actual situation.

After washing and brushing, I go to the big hall to wait other colleagues. At the same time, I watch TV news which shows the activities of our grand seaman canyon touring and other solar system news.

From recent news I know that sunspot activity is very active. The high energy particles from solar wind reach our earth and cause big problems. The temperature on earth is rising. The glacier is becoming smaller and smaller. The sea level is rising. The solar light on two poles of earth are expanding to the area near equator. The solar wind causes the failures of some electrical devices on earth or in artificial satellites. All of these abnormal situations give dangerous signals to earth and our spaceship.

Very soon, the others come to the big hall.

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