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Jono then began sitting cross-legged. He began to release his magical energy and gain control of it. Jono then attempted to activate his super ability. He kept connecting magical energy to his super ability. Normally, the effects of ones super abilities would manifest in this manner, but Jonos situation was different. He had not seen any supernatural effects that appeared.

After waiting for a while, no visible effects appear. Jono then connected his magic energy to the four basirs consecutively, but no effect appeared either. Jono then attempted to connect his magical energy with the bamen and was surprised when the bamen reacted to his magic energy. Jono was ecstatic, and he kept connecting magical energy to all the bamens while activating his super abilities.

"Finally, there is an effect that appears," he exclaimed happily.

Jono is overjoyed right now; he keeps activating his super ability to see what effect it will have. After about five minutes, all of the bamens melted and merged into one. After ten minutes, all of the bamens were joined together, and the combination is now round like a volleyball.

Jono kept activating his super ability to see what effect it had, but after an hour of training, he ran out of magical energy. The combination of the bamens was still shaped like a multicolored volleyball lying on the floor. Jono took the volleyball-shaped object and tried various actions such as stroking, hitting, etc., but nothing happened. It was just like an ordinary big bamen.

Jono was still sitting cross-legged, but at the moment he wasn releasing any magical energy. He looked into his Abs space. When he activated his super ability, which had an effect on bamen, his Abs reacted a little. In his mind, or more precisely, in his Abs space, Jono understands more about his super abilities than ever before. He has additional knowledge that his super ability is indeed a unique ability.

This knowledge he got after focusing his mind into his Abs space, and then he obtained like a sort of memory that had been lost but was recalled. This memory is about his super ability.

There are hints in memory fragments about his super abilities that his super abilities are related to making puppets. From this, Jono deduced that the next step was to figure out how to make a puppet out of the large bamen that had fused with his super ability earlier.

However, this newly revealed memory of his super ability is only a fraction of what his super ability should be able to do. Jono believes that as he progresses in using his super abilities again, new memories of his super abilities will appear in his brain.

He has read a lot of information about it on the internet. Many people have also experienced this. Furthermore, there were many subjects in middle school that touched on fundamental concepts about super abilities. The emergence of memories of super abilities is commonly referred to as super ability insight or super ability enlightenment.

"Hehehe, finally, theres a clear clue about my super ability, very clear in fact," he said with a small laugh.

Jono is overjoyed with his new discovery, and he plans to use his super ability again once his magical energy has been replenished.

Jono then searched the internet for information on how to make puppets. He resumed his rest after completing his research on how to make puppets.

After two hours of rest and doing breathing techniques to accelerate refining magic energy, Jono resumed training using his magic energy. Jono then activates his super ability and begins to direct his magical energy toward the volleyball-shaped bamen. The bamen continues to react, but it is a minor reaction.

He tries various ways to further explore his super abilities until, ten minutes later, he tries to touch the bamen and he is surprised. The bamen is initially hard, but now, under the influence of his super ability, it softens to the consistency of clay. Jono then tried to squeeze the bamen. He also attempted to split the ball bamen into several pieces, but the bamen fused back together.

Then Jono tried changing the shape of the bamen to another shape, such as a box shape, but the result remained the same. The shape Jono made transformed back into a ball. The bamen was then transformed into a fighting helmet by Jono. Despite Jonos stiff hands, the bamen changed shape according to what Jono thought, and a head helmet was formed, but not long after that, the head helmet returned to a ball. Until now, Jono has been perplexed about his super ability and whether it can create magical items, but he denies this because the items he created returned to the form of a ball.

Then Jono tried various objects, which eventually returned to the shape of a ball. This fact irritated him a little. He tried many times, and after many trials, his face brightened again, because the shapes he created did not return to the shape of a ball, but instead remained as what all Jono desired; it was a snake. Jono then tried different forms, such as birds, worms, insects, flowers, and many others, until he realized that he could only create shapes that depicted living things rather than inanimate objects.

"Did I become an artist, like a sculptor?" he wondered.

An hour later, Jonos magic energy ran out, and the bamen transformed into the final form of what he desired, an ape. He had no idea it was three oclock in the afternoon. Jono then went to his living room to rest on his dark brown sofa. He was exhausted after hours of training in the gym.

"Can this be called a basir?" he wondered as he held the ape-like puppet. A basir is a bamen with a unique art or shape. While thinking about that, it wasn long before Jono fell asleep.

He dozed off on the couch for two hours. He awoke at five oclock in the afternoon and went straight to the bathroom to shower because he smelled his body, which was quite stinky from sweat.

Jono rested for a while after taking a bath before preparing a simple meal. He was starving right now. This time, Jono made an omelette and ate it with rice.

After eating, he returned to practicing again after a short break. "Time to practice," he said, smiling. He was still overjoyed after making such significant progress in comprehending his super abilities.

Jono worked out until ten oclock at night. Jono gave up on his training, which had made no significant progress until this evening, and took another shower before finally falling asleep.

"Made happy at the beginning, disappointed again at the end," he said before falling asleep.

The next morning, at nine oclock, Jono went out for breakfast. He stopped at a food stall not too far from where he lived. The food stall has a special menu of chicken soup. Jono then ordered a medium-sized chicken soup and a glass of iced tea. Almost all the tables provided at the soup stall were full. Jono looked at the people around him curiously.

"I think the food here is quite famous," Jono observed as he looked around.

Then, Jonos attention was drawn to something that piqued his interest. Jono noticed a teenager who was the same age as him having breakfast. What made him interested was that the teenager was eating while playing with the paper airplane that kept spinning around him. The teenager has super abilities related to the air element, such as controlling the flow of air or wind. Jono is impressed to see that the teenager can use his super ability casually.

"He was probably an elemental controller who specialized in the air element."

"If only I could master my super ability better, maybe Id play like that," he said softly.

After that, he looked around him and it made him sadder. It turned out that there were many people around him who used their super abilities to carry out daily activities, and quite a lot were using their super abilities just to show off.

"Even though the government has said not to use super abilities arbitrarily in public, there are still many who do it," said Jono, looking at other peoples behaviors with a bit of jealousy.

"I also want to show off my abilities!" he said in his heart.

A person may use his super abilities in public as long as it is not to harm another person. If someone misuses their super ability, it is a criminal act. Even so, there are still many people who violate this rule because not every corner of the city can be monitored by the police or local security officers.

Jono immediately ate the food he ordered after it arrived. He wanted to get home as soon as possible because he couldn stand all the teenagers his age flaunting their super abilities.

"Im jealous!" he screamed in his mind as he ate quickly.

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