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After Jono finished breakfast, he immediately returned to his apartment to continue his training. All the way back to his apartment, he sees people using their super abilities: a teenage boy with a body transformation ability who could change his physical form; a girl who is a spiritas who orders her guardian spirit to do something trivial; an elemental controller who plays with fire and his friend who can control the plants she carries; and even some people who have unique abilities who use their super abilities freely.

"I need to hurry up and practice; the longer I stay in this public space, the more dissatisfied I am with myself," Jono reasoned. He then quickened his pace towards his apartment.

He exhaled a sigh of relief when he arrived at the apartment building.

"I really don fit in in public; its scary," he said, recalling the many people who demonstrated their super abilities. He exhaled a sigh of relief as soon as he entered his apartment.

"My home sweet home," he muttered.

Before practicing, Jono sat on the balcony of his apartment reading the trending news today. The days top news was almost entirely about someone with great super abilities and aptitude who appeared this year. There was news about some teenagers with [S] aptitudes who were invited to various well-known schools, as well as other news about super abilities.

The news about thirty talented high school newcomers in West Witwur City that appeared this year piqued Jonos interest. The news discussed thirty teenagers around the age of fourteen who had completed their super ability registration and were registered to have at least [A] aptitudes, and eight of them had [S] aptitudes.

Those on the list not only have high aptitude, but they have also mastered their super abilities well.

"Well, they are extremely talented individuals."

"Not only are their talents exceptional, but their super abilities must be awesome as well," Jono speculated.

Although the majority of those on the list did not display their super abilities, those in the top ten piqued Jonos interest the most. Someone ranked ninth displays a brief description of his super abilities. The teenager has a body transformation beast-type ability. Its a defensive type of beast in the shape of a scaled rhino. He possesses exceptional defensive abilities.

"Wouldn it be cool if I could change my physical form to depict cool ancient beasts?" he mused, complaining while imagining himself to have body transformation ability and changing his physical form to depict cool ancient beasts.

"Body Transformer is an amazing ability!" he added.

"When in middle school, there are many students who want to have body transformation abilities."

"A body transformer has many benefits," muttered Jono, shaking his head to put an end to his fantasy of becoming an ancient beast body transformer.

Someone with a body transformation ability has superior abilities when compared to other super abilities because they can use their bodies to bring out their full abilities without the use of magical equipment. Every super ability, whether elemental controller, spiritas, body transformer, or unique, has at least one element type in their bodies, such as wind, fire, air, earth, gravity, life, death, darkness, light, plants, space, and time.

In general, because an elemental controllers super ability to control magic elements is greater than other super ability types, an elemental controllers super ability power increases dramatically when using a magical weapon. Using magic weapons does not significantly increase the power of a spiritas or a body transformer, and for someone with a unique super ability, it depends on the characteristics of the super ability they have. Each super ability has its own advantages and disadvantages.

After reading some trending news, Jono went straight to his mini gym. He began with some warm-up and stretching movements. Jono then sat cross-legged and began to use his super ability on the ape-shaped puppet-like basir item he had created the night before. He didn know what the ape-shaped puppets function was, but he knew it wasn the end result of his super ability, because Jono thinks that he is someone who has the super ability like a puppeteer.

Jono then attempted to use his super ability on the ape puppet, but the outcome was not what he expected. The ape puppet did not move as he wanted. In his memory, the puppeteer should be able to create and control the puppets.

Jono had tried so many times that he was getting tired of it. When Jono was about to give up on this pointless activity, he suddenly felt a connection with the ape puppet.

Jono then attempted to maintain his concentration until he felt a deeper connection between himself and the ape puppet. After nearly an hour of training, the ape puppet began to emit light.

Jono kept channeling his magical energy into the ape puppet. Ten minutes after the ape puppet began to glow, the light dimmed and began to resemble a ball with a faint light about the size of a volleyball.

"What?! Is it back to volleyball form again? "

"Damn, this is meaningless," he irritably mocked himself. At the time, his face was miserable. But then Jono heard a soft cracking sound on the sphere of light, "crack," "crack."

The surface of the ball of light then began to fade, and something emerged from the ball of light, which had gradually faded. He was surprised that what came out was a small ape puppet he had previously made, but now the ape puppet, which had previously had a height of about forty centimeters, has a height of about thirty-five centimeters and looks more elegant and detailed, even though it still looks man-made if you look closely. Someone might even say it doesn resemble a wild ape beast at all.

Jono kept channeling his magical energy into the ape puppet until something unexpected happened that shocked Jono. The ape puppet eyes glowed and moved slightly, and then the ape limbs and body parts began to move, and their movements were as Jono wanted in his mind.

The ape began to move its legs and arms and began to circle Jono. The ape came to a halt in front of Jono a few moments later. When standing straight, the ape puppet body is only about 35 centimeters tall and has a body that is proportional to its height.

The ape puppet was covered almost entirely in dark gray hair. The ape puppets eyes were large and had black pupils. Jono wanted to conduct more experiments, but he ran out of magical energy once more.

"Damn, at the crucial moment my magic energy runs out instead," he muttered in annoyance.

Despite the fact that Jono had exhausted his magical energy, he felt this was a significant step in his life. At least he now knew what effect his super ability would have, and he was quite happy about this. Even though he had run out of magic energy, Jono remained in his mini gym room to meditate or do breathing techniques.

Jono linked his mind to his Abs to learn more about his super abilities. In his Abs space, he saw an ape-shaped object, and he realized that it was similar to the ape he made earlier, but the ape was a vivid 2D object. Jono attempted to make a connection with the ape, and it turned out that there was no effect at all; the ape simply remained still in his Abs space.

Jono kept trying to understand more about his super abilities, and when he regained consciousness and exited his Abs space, he smiled broadly because he had received some kind of new memory regarding his super ability. Small fragments of memories of his super ability flashed through his mind.

After a while, the slight headache he had experienced when receiving the memories had subsided. The memories were then digested by Jono. Moments later, he has a better understanding of some of his super abilities.

First, his super ability to create a puppet out of bamens, but only in the form of a creature he had ever seen. Second, only he had control over the puppet. This super ability was nearly identical to that of the puppet master. The third and most surprising thing to him is that the puppet he creates can have its own super abilities, similar to humans, beasts, or other creatures.

This new discovery is very surprising for Jono, especially for the third point. Jono wants to try this immediately, but his magical energy hasn fully recovered, and hes also not sure what conditions must be met for his puppet to awaken its super ability.

Even though his magic energy had recovered, he was still unable to awaken or unleash the ape puppets super abilities. "Turn on the puppet." These words are still confusing for Jono because there is no further knowledge or detailed information about that. He keeps thinking about it.

"Apparently, my journey to unravel the mystery of my super **ing abilities is still long," he sighed.

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