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Harem Lord System Night Full of Pleasure-I (R-18)

Author:Robert Lockheart Category:Unreal Update time:2022-09-27 20:44:23

Some readers might feel like theres a little to no development in their relationship but understand that Violet already had feelings for our MC or rather Robert and MC does not have time for such slow pace development right now since he must get strong fast, very fast.

He got transmigrated not reincarnated so he does not have the leisure to just lie there without worry and make some pretty girls fall in love with him.

But I guarantee that all other characters will have their foundation first before their R-18 scenes.


Roberts POV

After talking with my mother I got out of her room, saw Violet eagerly waiting for my return in front of the door.

"Lets go" I said looking towards her

Before reaching the door violet came and opened the door for me, and bowed. I entered the room, upon entering suddenly I felt horny as hell.

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I heard the door closing sound and I pulled Violet into my arms.

"M-Master?" She said with a tinge of redness on her cheeks with a little flushed and embarrassed expression on her face

"Shhh…while we are alone you can call me by my name" I whispered in her ears which made her body tremble

"Now say my name in your cute voice, Violet" I said before licking her ear a bit and kissing her neck

"hngh…ahh…Y-Yes R-Robert" she moaned before saying my name in very low voice

As soon as she said that, she hid her face in my chest while hugging me. By seeing her cute reactions it was getting hard for me to control my desires to eat her. But not this time, earlier it felt like a quicky and without foreplay at that.

Nah man, thats not my preference this time Im gonna take my sweet time playing with every part of her body.

I moved my hands from her back to her butt and squeezed it hard making her flinch in excitement. I slowly moved one of my hands caressing her whole body upto her face, I hold her face with her chin and made her look me in the eyes.

Unable to control myself seeing her cute face completely flushed I gave her a kiss filled with passion I have towards her. Then I moved my hand from her face to her chest and groped her large perky mounds of flesh.

"ahhh" she opened her mouth a little to moan, and soon after I invaded her cute little mouth with my tongue. My tongue quickly dominated hers, after some time her tongue competed in the batlle of dominance with mine

We ran out of breath and released our kiss while panting heavily; still looking in the each others eyes filled with lust.

I removed her dress skilfully before lifting her in my arms and placing on the bed. I also got rid of my clothes and approached her face. I kissed her once more before moving down and her chin, her neck, her supple breast still bra over them. I looked in her eyes and slipped it upwards with my teeth revealing her breasts with erected pink nipples.

I began playing with one her of nipples twirling, pinching and pulling it upwards while biting and sucking the other with my mouth. Her nipples texture, her natural scent and her skins taste; everything was enticing.

"hng…ahh…hahh…Robert…Yes" She called my names between sweet moans


I released her nipple from my mouth with a pop sound and began sucking the other, while one of my hands moved towards her lower abdomen before reaching its goal.

My hand appeared in front of her panties I touched it a bit making a sensual moan leak out of Veiolets mouth. Her panties were completely soaked with her love juices.

"hmm? our violet is so wet down there…what do you want me to do about that Violet?" I said with a teasing and playful smile

"M-Make me…ahh…cum Robert, pleaseee~"

I poked her little sister with my index finger; Her love juices came out flowing like water out of broken dam.

"YYYEESSSSSSSSS RRROBERTTT!!!" She screamed in pleasure, her had griping my head and legs clutching my body

*pant pant pant*

I moved my face towards hers, she was breathless and panting hard; I kissed her forehead than I moved towards her ear and bit her earlobe making her twitch and a sweet moan to leak out of her mouth.

"Robert…hah…hah…more…ahh…I want moree~~ ❤" She requested between her high breathing and moans

"You want it, my naught maid?" I said teasingly

"Yess~ ❤"

I lifted her legs and positioned myself in front of her at the same time removing her soaking wet panties. With my hands between her thighs I separated her legs giving me a clear view of her dripping wet pussy.

I looked in her eyes before kissing her lower lips and soon after I began sucking it hard. I invaded her cave with my tongue making her twitch in pleasure and moan non-stop.

I moved my hands to her perky bubbly butt and squeezed it and continued playing with to my hearts contents, moulding it into any shape I want some times in between I slapped her tits making her moan like crazy.

My tongue was dancing inside her, after some time I removed my tongue and inserted two of my fingers. I observed every reaction she gave me while my fingers were exploring her cave and soon I remember all her erogenous zones.

After some time of fingering I could feel her insides gripping my finger and twitching indicating she was close. To make her cum hard I moved my hand to her breasts; I fastened the pace of my finger, bit and sucked her clitoris hard and pinch erected nipple pulling upwards at the same time.

She arched up her back, her eyes rolled back and tongue outside her mouth with an expression of pure ecstasy. She squirted and her love juices came out like a fountain on my whole body.


She plopped on the bed completely out of breath hugging me for some time before releasing "haah..This..time..hah..i want..your cock..hah..this time" She said in ragged breath

"Then beg for it"

Hearing that instantly her eyes got widen a little in shock but she couldn handle any more of my teasing; her pussy was screaming for my hard rod.

"H-How? I n-never don it b-before." She said while stuttering a little

"Just make me unable to resist you." I replied in a casual tone

She hesitantly moved her hands to hold her tits from both the sides opening her legs wide open like a welcome for my cock to ravage her pussy from inside.

"R-R-Robert mess-up my i-insides w-with your b-big hard c-c-cock" She said while completely embarrassed for saying such indecent things

Seeing her face right now made me forget about everything and my instincts took over from the inside and my body moved without my control.


Sorry for the cliff hanger, guys.

Scene to be continued…

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