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Ben was excited and very happy to have met with his lover. He loved the way she was straight forward and jovial, with a little touch of crazy spark. This was quite unlike his mothers rich friends children who come around the house. They were so proud, rude and insolent. Always acting like they could never get their hands smeared with dirt. They treat the servants with so much disgust and contempt and that annoys him often.

"I can believe this is working out as planned. I bet Id be undercover for the meantime tilll Im ready to talk about this." Ben said to himself in total excitement.

The taxi guy looked at him through the rear-view mirror and shrugged casually, while keeping his gaze on the road.

Ben noticed that the man was suspicious of him, so he stopped overreacting and decided to engage in a mild conversation with the taxi driver.

"Sir, do you live around here? I have not seen you before." Ben asked, in a verge to divert is attention and also make him relaxed.

The man smiled briefly, revealing his milk teeth. "Of course I live around here. Every one here knows me as the Big-Joe taxi. My name is Joe."

Ben nodded, trying to figure out another question to ask, to keep the conversation ongoing and smooth as well.

The man continued, "You seem like you are not from around here, right?

The question took him back as he always avoided it. He stammered, "Well, me? Uhmm... I actually am. I uhh, came back from somewhere far away, thats why." He answered sluggishly.

The old man nodded slowly. Staring at him through the rear-view mirror, he asked. "You, you mentioned that you are going to the Katokas." He paused to observe the reaction of Ben before he continued. "Do you have any relationship with the Katoka Dynasts? He finished.

Ben, not comfortable with the question replied sharply. "No, no, no. Im not, not at all. I just have a message to pass to one of the servants there. Hes a relative of mine." Ben lied.

The old man gave out a light sigh of relief and was now relaxed.

At this juncture, Ben began to wonder why the man reacted in fear when he first mentioned that his destination was the Katokas. There must be something his parents were hiding from him that he needed to find out, atleast now he had the chance to, before he leaves for school again.

Just as he was getting close to the Katoka big estate, he asked the taxi driver to drop him off, so he could continue the journey on foot.

"I can drop you infront of the house. Im sure the gatekeeper wouldn mind since you are going to see, uhm, your uncle, right? He offered to help innocently.

Ben answered. "I am not really allowed to stop here in a vehicle due to some past experience, so Id prefer to stop here sir." Forcing a smile on his lips, he got down quickly from the car, to avoid being taken to the front of the house.

The taxi driver thought his excuse absurd, but after reasoning the excuse Ben brought up, he waved it off as a personal reason.

Ben paid him for the service rendered, then he waited and watched him drive away before he finally sought to find his way in.

He ran through the side of the house, by the wall covered with big flowers, to the back where he had created his own escape route in and out of the house, without notice.

He slide through the path carefully and alert, so as not to attract the attention of the workers who might be out there at that time.

He was lucky to come into the compound successfully, then he started to tiptoe to the back of the house, so hell be able to sneak in unnoticed.

As soon he got to the back door leading to the house, he opened it slowly and gently, careful not to make any sound. He closed the door behind him, breathing deeply.

He heard the voices of some maids coming out of the food store which was closeby. He knew immediately that they were coming his way. If they saw him, hed be in a very big trouble and that would definitely mean, his mother would be aware of his sneaky attitudes and that would mean, a whole lot of trouble!

He looked around him, searching for a quick place to hide. His eyes caught a big curtain which was on the other side of the house. So, he ran over there quickly and hid behind the curtains.

He heard the maids giggling as they walked passed him, heading towards the back door where he came in through. He heaved a deep sigh of relief, grateful that he wasn caught.

He still had a few more steps to go, to get to his room safely, without being caught, not by anyone, and not at all, by his mother.

He sped noiselessly through the stairs that led to a secret passage he made for himself, where he could sneak into his room without using the main entrance door.

As soon as he came into his room, he locked the secret door and used the curtain to cover it up properly. Then, he headed straight to the bathroom and had his bath quickly. He took the clothes he wore out and kept them in a little bag, where he hid all the common clothes he used to disguise himself whenever he leaves the house without permission.

He jumped on the bed and started reading a magazine, to use that as an escuse if someone comes in to check up on him.

It wasn up to five minutes he climbed his bed to pose a show, that he heard a calm knock on his door. That calm knock, his heart skipped a bit as he heard it.. Just one person in the house knocks that way and that was, his mother! His heart beat increased tremendously and he shook in fear, in fear of the unknown.

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