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By a small river that is not very wide, a figure was moving by the river, and from time to time, it was still combing his hair against the water surface by the river.

This is a gibbon demonic ape, a high rank-1 monster, and even among the high rank-1 monsters, it is a top-level existence.

As a magical beast a descendent of a dragon-primate beast, its wisdom is much higher than that of ordinary high rank-1 magical beasts.

In addition, it has also mastered an earth magic skill, shooting stone spears!

It can condense the power of the earth element, turn it into a stone spear, and shoot at the enemy.

Just as it was combing its own hair against the water, Lin Lei quietly moved in the bushes behind it.

His eyes staring at the back of the gibbon, and he began to condense the power of the wind element in his hands.

"Wind Blade Technique!"

With a clear thought, three one-foot-long wind blades suddenly broke through the bushes and shot towards the Gibbon not far away.


The gibbon reacted very quickly, almost as soon as Lin Lei launched the wind blade, he had already sensed the danger, and jumped to the side.

"Puff puff…"

The speed of the three wind blades is extremely fast, and even if the Gibbon Demonic Ape has responded in a timely manner, it is still impossible to avoid them all.

After the two wind blades missed and hit the water, creating a huge splash.

The last wind blade still hit the Gibbon Demon Ape, and a deep one-foot-long wound was drawn on its left leg, and the bones could be seen!


The Gibbon Demon Ape stood still, let out a roar of pain and anger, and suddenly stretched out his arm, a force of earth element condensed in its hand.

Soon, a stone spear with a length of more than one meter appeared in its hand, and then hurled it in the direction of Lin Lei.

The spear slashed through the void, whistling under the great power of the gibbon, and shot at the location where Lin Lei was present.

"Its this trick again!!"

Lin Lei let out a low cry and rolled on the spot, dodging the blow directly.

The stone spear continued to fly in order to hit Lin Lei, until it was inserted into an ancient tree, and it sank halfway into the depth.

This strength, if hit by this stone spear, even a real mage can bear it, and he will be shot out of his body!


Because of Lin Leis roll, he also revealed himself at this time.

After seeing Lin Leis appearance clearly, the gibbon also screamed a few times, with a look of anger in his eyes.

This kid remembers it! Isn this the little thief who came to his own site two days ago and stole his own fruit!

Seeing the Gibbons reaction, Lin Lei also laughed.

"Hey, big man, remember me, this time, Im going to ask you to settle the previous account!"

Saying that, evil spirits also appeared in Lin Leis eyes.

Two days ago, in order to feed his belly, he came here and found a fruit tree, so he picked a lot.

How was he to know that there was a high rank-1 gibbon guarding here.

He was caught off guard by it, and he was chased and beaten all the way. It took half an hour to get rid of this guy.

"Huh, roar!"

The gibbon also roared a few times, and then stepped forward and waved its two long arms towards the Lin Lei wheel.

The Gibbon Demon Ape is a high rank-1 magical beast, with a height of two meters and extremely long arms.

And its physical strength is not weak, if it is approached, it will be a great threat to Lin Lei.

Lin Lei naturally wouldn let it get close.

"Wind Blade Technique!"

When the Gibbon Demon Ape rushed over, he was already condensing three wind blades and shooting away at the rushing Gibbon Demon Ape.


Seeing this blow, the long-armed demon ape exclaimed, and then a stone spear also formed in front of it and slammed into Lin Leis three wind blades.

The wound on the leg was still bleeding, and the pain from above has always been a wake-up call. Don underestimate the power of these wind blades from Lin Lei!


When the stone spear met Lin Leis wind blade, the two attacks collided, and a harsh roar broke out directly, causing the ordinary birds and beasts in the bushes to fly out in fright.


And then came the painful roar of the gibbon.

It turned out that when the stone spear and the wind blade were bombarded, the stone spear only offset the two wind blades, and the remaining wind blade still charged towards it after the power was slightly reduced.

A foot-long bloodstain was left on its chest!

"Wind Blade Technique!"

Lin Lei also chased after the victory without giving it the slightest chance to react, and three wind blades shot towards the gibbon again.

But this time the target is to point directly at its neck!

Under the control of Lin Lei, the three wind blades formed a straight line and blasted towards the target.

The gibbon felt the crisis, but it was too late to avoid it, so it could only lay its arms in front of itself in an attempt to resist the blow.

However, it overestimated its defense.

Three wind blades, the first one hit its arm and it split open the flesh, followed by the second one, which hit on the previous wound and cut of its fore arm directly.

And the third wind blade that followed, fell on its neck without reservation, bringing a spray of blood to the sk

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