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The courtroom was silent as everyone waited to hear Annas answer. She once again looked at her friends for help but they looked as equally pale as her as they realized that they could easily be thrown in jail or executed on the spot or tortured like Mei.

"How did she come to obtain you necklaces, noble ladies?" Karen asked with a calm yet furious gaze causing them to flinch.

"We saw her steal them." The one in the scandalous blue dress said glaring at Mei for it wasn for her she couldve had a small chance to become Queen.

"Since no one is willing to speak, lock them ALL up." Nate said, his cold voice heard by everyone. The guards wasted no time and followed the order of their king and dragged all of the noble ladies that testified against their future Queen.

"Her too." Ezra said looking at Anna who just heaved a sigh of relief. A guard grabs her roughly by the arms and dragged her out of the room but Mei didn react to the screams of the noble ladies pleading for mercy or Annas furious exclamations. She was numb.

She had immunity to silver and wolfsbane but she still felt the pain and effects of it when Anna tortured her.

"Let. Her. Go." Alec snarled as he approached his sister, pulling her from Nates arms and holding her protectively as she was still in a daze and was in desperate need of medical attention. Nate watched them with a painfilled expression as Alec left the courtroom not caring about the stares of those present.

He slowly stood and everyone felt the dangerous and ominous aura that he emitted as his eyes turned red and a bloodthirsty smile as Eli made his presence known.

"It seems that youve all forgotten your place so let me remind you all, you ignorant people. Mei is MY MATE AND YOUR FUTURE QUEEN. You decided to test the limits again and the last thing you will feel is your wolf dying." He said his eyes slowly raking over everyone present making them flinch and cower in fear avoiding his eyes.

"Am I clear?" He asked.

"Yes, my king." They all responded fearfully in unison before he dismissed them.

Alec carried the now unconscious Mei to Doctor Murphys office where he seated no time treating her. When he saw her condition, he wasted no time in treating her. Kelly sobbed quietly as she watched her the wounds and bruises her friend sustained, feeling the pain as if it were her own. Tom couldn bear to see her like that so he returned to their shared room.

"She needs rest and time to recuperate. Ill prescribe medicines for her that have to be taken daily until shes fully recovered." He says handing over five bottles of prescribed medication.

"Can her accelerated healing do the job?" Alec asked confused.

"No. Theres a toxin in her blood that doesn have an antidote. The medicines prescribed will help her body fight it until she wakes up if she wakes up." Dr.Murphy said sadly as he gazed at her.

"Keep her here. Well return home to get some things." Kelly says finally finding her voice as her eyes are glued on Mei.

"OK." Doctor Murphy says and the duo leaves the room. He instructs for her to be taken to a private room so that shes hidden away from curious eyes. When Alec and Kelly return to their room, Alec allows for his anger to take over, thrashing the room while Tom and Kelly watch silently until hes worn himself out, dropping to his knees as his tears fall. Kelly approaches and wraps her arms around him and he leans gratefully against her.

"How is she able to endure so much?" He asks between sobs but neither Tom nor Kelly could offer him an answer.

"We need to return home so that we can have our weapons." Tom says breaking the silence that engulfed the room.

"Someone needs to stay with her." Kelly said pulling away from Alec, helping him up from the floor.

"Ill stay. You two go." Alec said not looking at either of them.

"But the pack may need....the pack needs your guidance, Alec. Tom or I can stay here and look after her." Kelly said confused as to why he would want to stay knowing that the pack could use his guidance.

"Because Im tired, Kelly. Not tired of the pack, I love them all but Im tired of being only able to watch from the outside as she endures her pain. Not asking for help. Im afraid that once she has an episode itll be the one she won be able to walk away from." Alec says in a monotone but the pain is felt and heard.

"Its like a thorn in my heart that grows each time I see her in pain." Alec says with a sigh. Kelly looks at him with understanding for she has seen the moments where the exhibition of her episodes take a toll on her health when she was needed at an urgent council meeting and entered her room unannounced. That was the only reason she knew about Meis episodes.

"You two will go to the pack and get what we need. Ill stay by her side and if there is a problem the council can handle you can contact me." Alec said before entering his personal room leaving Tom and Kelly looking at each other helplessly. Without further discussion, packed their bags and left the palace while Nate or rather Eli was having run with the one responsible for injuring Mei.

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