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I went to the horse stables, only to see horses. I walked to the equipment shed to find it locked. I then went to the track field to see it empty. Alex was nowhere near here. Maybe shes in the building after all. If she runs into Lady Alexis, I hope she doesn fall for her Charm ability.

I left the stables and made my way back to the main building. Along the way, I saw a male student I know from my Swordsmanship class walking out of the main building.

"Hayden!" I called out.

The spiky-haired boy smiled when his brown eyes landed on me. "Reiré! Whats up?"

"Have you seen Alexandra? Shes the other commoner thats attending this academy."

"Long blonde hair and greenish-blue eyes?"

I nodded. "So you have seen her."

Hayden smiled, "Ive seen her a few times in the student council room. If you

e looking for her, I saw her trailing behind Lord Raphael. She looked kind of nervous though."

I frowned when I heard Alex followed Lord Raphael. Did Lady Alexis send Lord Raphael to get Alex? I need to find her fast. "Do you know where they went?"

"Im pretty sure they went to the rose garden in the back where the gazebo was."

I beamed, "Thanks, Hayden. You

e the best."

Hayden smirked and puffed out his chest. "You know it girl!"

I chuckled, "Ill see ya tomorrow in class."

"Yep. See ya!" Hayden waved and walked away.

I dropped my smile and walked into the main building, taking the quickest way to the garden in the back. I hope Alex isn being ganged up on. I changed my pace into a light jog as I ran down the hallways towards the back of the campus. I pushed through the wooden doors and found myself in the back courtyard. The floor was paved and there were beautiful rose bushes planted around.

Walking around the courtyard until I found who I was looking for. Alex was sitting in the gazebo with Lady Alexis and Lord Raphael sitting across from her. They looked to be having a tea party, but Alex doesn look like she was having a good time.

"Alex," I called out.

Alex immediately brightened up when she saw me. "Reiré!" She stood up and rushed towards me. "I was so scared, but I made sure to avoid eye contact!"

I smiled and patted her head. "Good girl."

"Good afternoon, Reiré, but I don think I invited you for tea," Lady Alexis voiced.

I glared at her as I gently pushed Alex behind me. "I was looking for my friend, I didn think shed be kidnapped."

Lady Alexis giggled and placed down her teacup. "Kidnap? Alexandra willingly came, isn that right, Lord Raphael?"

He nodded, "Of course, I asked Alexandra to come and she willingly followed."

Alex grumbled, "More like threatened with a sword… and I thought Leos route was the only route where Ill get threatened with a sword."

Sword? And thats when I noticed the weapon next to Lord Raphael. That has to be a fake one, right? "We need to talk, Lady Alexis… alone."

Lady Alexis grinned. "Don worry. We can talk openly just like this. No one will be listening." She then gently rubbed under Lord Raphaels chin. "And he won remember any of this anyway. Hes just here for the intimidation factor."

I gritted my teeth. "You are infuriating, you know that?"

Lady Alexis chuckled, "So Ive heard." She stood up and walked out from the gazebo. "Lets continue where we left off from last time, shall we? I believe I let you off easy."

I hesitantly smirked, "Lets just get to the point then. We know your secret and you know ours."

Lady Alexis crossed her arms as she faced me. "True."

"How much have you been reading," I demanded.

Lady Alexis smirked, "You had me shocked when I read your memories for the first time. To think that Id find a Child of Celestia, two no less, and one in our ranks."

I gave a puzzled look. "Child of Celestia?"

I have never heard of that term before. I glanced over at Alex to see her just as confused. Definitely not part of the game either then. Child of Celestia, Ill have to search that up and see what it means.

"You two are very blessed, but just because you are chosen doesn mean you can stop me. Pandora will rise and you can do anything about it. You won be able to change the future and Ill make sure of it."

I grinned, "Too bad, the future has already been changed."

"Only slightly, but the end product will be the same. If this dumb girl won do her job right…" Lady Alexis pointed at Alex and claimed, "Ill take her position."

"W-What do you mean by that?" Alex hesitantly asked.

Lady Alexis frowned. "I don know what happened, but that dumb father of yours haven been doing a good job at educating you. But no matter, our plan doesn need the likes of you. Ive already given you enough chances."

I nervously smiled as a beat of sweat rolled down my neck. "You

e talking as if Alex was supposed to be on your side."

Lady Alexis hummed. "I don think theres any harm in explaining. Alexandra and I are related. Its natural for family members to help their kind. Alexandra was supposed to infiltrate Roseward Academy and seek out the Eyes, but we suddenly lost connection to her last year."

So when Alex regained her memories of her past life. "How long have you been in contact with Alexandra."

"Hmm? Never. Ive been in contact with her idiot father. He told us how he couldn put his innocent daughter into this plan, hence why Im here earlier than expected. Now Im here picking up the slack that she left behind. Whats worse is that shes actually trying to go against me! I guess it makes more sense if shes one of Celestias creations. A traitor is not needed in our ranks!"

The air suddenly felt heavy and a pink aura was radiating off of Lady Alexis. Alex and I subconsciously backed away as Lady Alexis took a step towards us.

"Its better if I get rid of you before you foil our plans." Lady Alexis quickly closed in on Alex and gripped the collar of her uniform.


Lady Alexis glared at me causing me to freeze. "Sit and watch."

My body moved on its own as I was suddenly forced to my knees. "What?!" Her power increased!

Alex struggled in her hold. "Let me go!"

Lady Alexis placed her eyes back on Alex and licked her lips. "Don worry, Ill make sure to stimulate your brain so that it will self-destruct. There will be so much pleasure that it will be a painless death."

"Eek!" Alexs face lost all color when Lady Alexiss eyes began to glow pink. "No! Let me go!"

"Alex!" Move, god damn it, move! I tried to get up but my body was like a rock. It wouldn budge. If I don do something soon, the heroine is gonna die! "You can do this, Lady Alexis! Youll be expelled and punished for killing a student!"

"No ones gonna care when a commoner dies. Theyll praise me for purging this filth. And besides…" She glanced down at me and grinned, "I can just erase her existence from everyones memories."

My face paled at her claim. We

e done for now. We messed up. We shouldn have confronted her when we had no way of defending ourselves. I was too confident in my actions. Im the biggest idiot here.

Just when I was losing hope, an arrow shot by Lady Alexiss cheek and hit the ground a little away from me. Lady Alexis frowned as her cheek began to bleed from the small cut.

"Lady Alexis!" Lord Raphael dashed out of the gazebo with his sword drawn.

"Let go of Alexandra, you witch."

It was Lady Viola. She was standing a little away with her bow drawn and her next arrow pulled back, ready to shoot. Lady Alexis glanced her way and glared.

"I will ask again. Let go of Alexandra," Lady Viola sternly stated.

Lady Alexis didn move. "Lady Viola… I didn not expect you of all people would want to help this trash here. If I remember, didn she sexually harass you?"

Alex whimpered, "V-Viola…"

Lady Violas grip tightened around her bow. "She didn harass me in any way. It was an accident. Now, Im not gonna repeat myself again. Let my friend go!"

Alex began to tear up when she heard Lady Violas words. I was honestly surprised. I didn think Lady Viola would care so much to actually defend her. So I was right, she did have a soft stop for Alex.

Lady Alexis gritted her teeth and her eyes began to glow. "You are making a big mistake."

Lady Viola flinched as her body began to quiver. I noticed how her face suddenly flushed red as her eyes glazed over. Her breathing increased as she looked like her legs were gonna give out any second. Beats of sweat rolled down her face as her stance became wobbly. She looked like she was desperately fighting back a moan that wanted to escape her lips.

"Tch!" Lady Viola abruptly winced and released her right hand. The arrow went flying through Lady Alexiss hair causing her to lose her focus. A few strands of blonde hair floated to the ground from where the arrow pierced through.

Blood trickled down from between Lady Violas lips, causing Lady Alexis to laugh. "You actually bite your tongue!? Such determination."

"Don try any tricks, you witch. Im not messing around." Lady Viola took out another arrow from her back and pulled it back against the wooden bow. "I won be missing this shot like the other ones," Lady Viola threatened.

Lord Raphael stood in front of Lady Alexis and shouted, "Youll have to go through me if you want to harm Lady Alexis!" He brandished his sword ready to strike.

Lady Viola smirked, "You want to test to see whos faster? Your sword or my arrow?"

Lord Raphael glared at the unwavering girl. He knew he wouldn reach Lady Viola in time to stop her. All he could do was shield Lady Alexis with his body.

Lady Alexis clicked her tongue. "Tch. Just when things were getting spicy." She pushed Alex to the ground and released her hold on me.

I quickly put my actions to use and stood up. I helped Alex to her feet and dragged her behind Lady Viola who never left her gaze off of Lady Alexis and Lord Raphael.

"Don think Im letting you off, Alexandra. Ill have a talk with your dumb father about how you betrayed us." Lady Alexis smirked, "Until then, I bid you three adieu."

We all cautiously watched how Lady Alexis and Lord Raphael walked away in the opposite direction. Once those two were out of our sight, I finally felt like I could breathe. Lady Viola collapsed right in front of us, forgoing any pride or dignity she had.

"Thank you for rescuing us, Lady Viola," I voiced as I held onto Alex who was shaking terribly.

She glanced back with a horrible completion as she stuttered, "W-What… Just what have you two gotten yourself into?"

I sighed, "Its complicated."

"Lady Viola, you

e bleeding." Alex kneeled down beside Lady Viola and reached out to touch her.

The blonde girl flinched back and said, "Don touch me."

Alex frowned and pulled her hand back. "Sorry…"

Lady Viola took out a light purple handkerchief and wiped the blood from the side of her mouth. "That witchs effect is still on me. I don want any human touch currently, otherwise I might go insane."

"How did you know where we were?" I questioned.

"I saw you running down the hallway so I followed," she answered. "And its a good thing I did. Never thought Id encounter an Eye holder in this environment."

"You sound like you know whats going on," I said.

"As a member of the Elmeier family, I have learned all about the seven witches. It is my duty to help the Children of Celestia."

I don know much about the Children of Celestia but I do know a little bit about Lady Violas family. I heard it going around, but the Elmeiers family were part of the church. They are a direct worshipper of Celestia and support the religion more than the Royal family. In this world, there are two sides. The side of the Church and the side of the Royal family. These two sides were able to cooperate peacefully so there were no power struggles between the two within the kingdom. The church followed the Royal Family for finance problems while the Royal family followed the church for words from their Goddess of future disasters. It was like a symbiotic relationship.

"I heard word that new Children of Celestia have been born, but I didn expect for both of them to be of commoner lineage," grumbled Lady Viola.

"Wait, you can tell when Children of Celetsia are born?" I asked.

Lady Viola shook her head. "No, it was the Saint that heard the words of our Goddess. He is also a Child of Celetisa like the two of you. And he has also seen the future."

"He saw the future?" Now this was it. He has to be another reincarnated like Alex and I. Or it could be a lie. I can roll out the fact that he might also be deceiving people.

"Did he actually announce what he saw?" Alex asked.

Lady Viola nodded. "Yes, but it was a long time ago. I only heard stories from my grandparents as it was during their generation. Apparently, the Saint worked with the prior Royal family to avoid a war that he foretold. Since then, he would hear words from our goddess whenever he prayed. So the church decided to take him under their protection."



"Why did you both go quiet?" Lady Viola questioned.

Both Alex and I were silent. What a bombshell to drop on us. So what he saw wasn the future where Alexandra became crown princess. It was the future of something that happened a long time ago. This was never informed in the context of Fight for Love and Acceptance. Then again, the story never mentioned the church that much since it wasn a religious type of story. But we should meet with this so-called Saint in case he also knows the events thats happening. The only problem is if hes an ally or a foe.

"So the Saint is sort of like a hero to the kingdom for helping them avoid the war. Then what is this about us being Children of Celetsia?" I inquired.

"It was the recent words of our Goddess that the Saint heard. But since it wasn about a disaster that was to come, the Royal family and the people didn take much care. But those within the church are desperate to find you two as the Saint is quite old now and will be retiring soon," explained Lady Viola.

"Question, how old is the Saint you

e talking about?" Alex asked.

Lady Viola hummed, "Hmm… I believe hes in his late sixties."

"Quite the old man- I mean! Quite the wise man," I quickly corrected, not wanting to sound rude. "Do you think we will be able to meet with him? Id like to learn more about this Children of Celestia role."

"I can send a letter to the church asking him for an audience."

"That would be appreciated. Thank you." I bowed my head.

"Please don bow. While I am a noble, I am also part of the church. Within the church, Children of Celestia hold the highest status and are more valuable than nobles."

Well, thats new. So Alex and I are like royals in a church. Quite ironic since we are commoners.

Alex stood up and dusted off her knees. "We probably shouldn be talking out in the open like this."

I nodded. "Agreed, lets continue this conversation elsewhere. Lady Viola, are you able to stand?"

"I should be fine now. The heat has died down enough for me to move." Lady Viola stood up, but slightly stumbled. Her legs were quivering still and she reminded me of a newborn fawn.

"Let me help you," Alex offered.

"No, stop!" Lady Viola shouted, but it was too late.

Alex has already reached it and grabbed onto Lady Violas waist to help support the girl. Lady Violas back arched as she let out a hardy moan under Alexs touch. And that wasn a moan of pain, mind you.

Alex blushed and quickly retracted her hands. "Im sorry!"

I couldn stop the blush from appearing on my own cheeks either. That was quite a sexy voice, I must say. Id like to make Lady Claudia moan like that someday.

"Erase that from your memories this instant!" Lady Viola demanded with a red face as she held her body defensively. "And I said I don want any human contact! My body is still sensitive!"

"Im so sorry!" Alex apologized. "I thought it would be alright now."

"The power of Lust is quite frightening," I chuckled.

"Out of all the Sins, Lust is the most troublesome," stated Lady Viola. "I know it works tremendously well against the opposite gender of its user. Since Lady Alexis is a female I didn expect it to have a strong effect against women."

"You seem to know a lot about the Deadly Sins abilities," Alex commented.

Lady Viola smirked, "I told you. I have learned all about the seven witches and their powers."

"Could you inform us a little bit more about their abilities?" I asked. "Alex and I did a little research of our own in the library, but they aren very detailed."

"Ah, thats natural. All the reliable sources are at the Churchs Archive," informed Lady Viola. "But its my pleasure to disclose to you some of my knowledge."

I grinned. "You

e acting quite compliant now that you know we are the Children of Celestia."

"I may act like this when we are alone, but I still have my dignity as a noblewoman, so I refuse to bow or accept any request when we are in public. Its best if no one knows that you two are Children of Celestia after you are proven so by our Saint."

Understandable. I honestly agree with that thinking wholeheartedly. "Smart. You could have made a mistake if you start announcing us as some children of the Goddess, so it is best to wait for confirmation."

"There are many people that have tried to deceive the church, but since you have an Eye holder after you, I do believe you two are Children of Celestia."

"Well just have to wait when we get an audience with the Saint," I said.

"Lets head to my room first before we continue any further," Alex offered. "Grace is currently at a tea party so she won be back so soon."

I nodded, "Alright."

"Sorry, but Ill have to decline. I hope its alright if we meet another time to talk about the Deadly Sins abilities," said Lady Viola. "I don feel comfortable being in an enclosed room with other people while I have this uncontrollable heat that Alex just relit."

Alex flinched as Lady Viola glared at her. "Uh… Sorry…"

"I guess thats alright. Knowing how clumsy Alex can be, it would be a nightmare to see Alex touching you accidentally again. Even worse if she were to trip again and tackle you to the ground."

"That was one time! One time!" Alex defended.

Lady Viola sighed, "Why must a Child of Celetsia be a pervert of all people?"

"Im not a pervert!"

I grinned, "Really? I do remember you touching Lady Viola so intimately a few minutes ago causing her to moan in such an excited manner."

Alex blushed as she tried to explain herself. "I was trying to help her!"

"If you wanted to help relieve her, shouldn you be doing that behind closed doors?" I teasingly voiced.

Lady Viola blushed heavily at my words as she glared at Alex. "You were trying to, what?!"

"No!" Alex quickly shook her head as she held her hands up in surrender. "You

e wrong, that wasn my intention! I was merely helping to stabilize you!"

I innocently smiled, "My, what a lovely couple you two make."

The two flustered girls both yelled at my face. "Reiré!!"

Ah, you know what? If I don have Lady Claudia with me to recharge, Ill just get Lady Viola and Alex together to tease them. They make a great fuel for me. And since Lady Viola is with Alex, I won get a headache like I usually do when hanging around her. What a great plan! I should have thought of this sooner!

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