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Well, now this was quite something…

I hesitantly looked around the table to see Lady Rium and Lady Elena glaring at each other. Lady Claudia, Lady Jasmine, Alex and I sat on the sidelines feeling the tension build. It was already bad that I didn get a good rest last night, but I never expected that my Language Class would be having a self-study in the library today. Good news was that Lady Claudias History class also had a self-study in the library so I could see Lady Claudia much more today! This must be Celestias gift for saying sorry for all the hardships she had sent my way. Ah, I forgive you, Celestia, my goddess.

"Did something happen between Lady Rium and Elena?" Lady Claudia asked.

"Im curious as well," Alex voiced.

"Ah well…" I am not sure how to explain. Should I say that Lady Elena came looking for me one early morning and disrespected Lady Rium by accusing her of being a homosexual? Probably not a good idea. "They just got off on the wrong foot."

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