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Chapter 4378 - 4378 The Other Side 347

4378 The Other Side 347

Re-entering the dream, the boy opened his eyes to find himself lying in the back of the car.

Seeing that he was awake, Shanshan, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, said happily, “Hes woken up.”

Gong Fan was about to start the car when he glanced in the rear view mirror and saw that Youyou was awake.

He relaxed his brows.

Youyou sat up, curious.

“Where am I”


“You just fainted.

Did you… take a trip back to the real world”

“Uh huh.” The boy nodded.

“Because theres a limit to how long you can sleep.

Did something happen after I woke up”

“No.” Shanshan explained, “After you fainted, I was very worried.

I didnt know what happened to you, but Gong Fan said that you were too tired and fainted.

He carried you and walking along, we found the car.

He said this was the car he had driven to the hospital.”

The boy straightened himself.

“Now where are we going”

“From what he said, it sounds like were going home.”

“Home” Youyou was confused.

“Which home”

“Back to where I was before.” Gong Fan explained.

Youyou had no further questions.

He was a little surprised to see Gong Fan controlling the steering wheel with such ease.

“Eh You know how to drive”

“A little.”

“When did you learn Did Little Yichen teach you”

Gong Fan smiled.

“I think this car is no different from a kart.”


For goodness sake.

There was a huge, obvious difference! However, at such a tense moment, Gong Fans remark seemed to relax him.

Gong Fan actually didnt know the way either.

He didnt know how far he had driven, but fortunately, he had topped up the gas tank, so there was no fear of being stranded halfway.

After going around in circles, they found themselves back at the original fork in the road.

However, there were only three forks in total.

If the two forks they had taken were the wrong way, then the last fork must lead the way to the manor.

Gong Fan stepped on the accelerator without hesitation.

Ten minutes later, the car pulled up at the estate gates successfully.

He parked the car in the garage and the three of them got out.

Shanshan was stunned when she saw the huge manor.

“What a luxurious manor.

Gong Fan, is this really your home”

Youyou found that hard to believe, too.

He had not expected such a luxurious manor in this world.

How amazing.

It was as luxurious as an estate in the real world.

Youyou remembered a trip with Mu Yazhe to a winery that was in an estate like this one.

It was huge.

The back garden was ten acres.

Gong Fan didnt know how to explain, just like how Shanshan couldnt explain why she had been in a hospital as far back as she could remember.

As far back as he could remember, he had been in this estate.

As a norm, he passed his days here.

He didnt think there was anything wrong with it.

“This is it.

Go on in.

This place would not normally be discovered by anyone…” As Gong Fan spoke, he walked to the door and realized that it was ajar.

He remembered shutting the door before he left.

What was going on He looked around.

Somehow, the sky in this world was always gloomy.

The bleak scenery always seemed lifeless.

No wonder he was so attached to the sunlight in the real world.

It was so warm, unlike this place, where it felt gloomy all day, all year round.

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