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4396 The Other Side 365

“Got it.

Have a restful sleep!” Gong Jie rubbed her head dotingly.

Even though Yun Shishi was his elder sister, this scene would make those who didnt know better think that he was her elder brother!

She smiled.

After Mu Yazhe and Yun Shishi left, Gong Jie stood guard outside the door.

In the room, Alice spoke frankly.

“Gong Fan, from what youre saying, it doesnt look good.

Lets adjust the treatment plan!”

Alice and Romanka sat down by the bed one after another and said solemnly, “Now, we ask of you, if you return to that world, to kill that young man and that girl by hook or by crook.

Moreover, locate all the other personalities one by one.

If they are bad personalities, do not hesitate to kill them.

Dont spare them.”


Romanka asked, “Do you remember the manor”

Gong Fan was stunned for a moment.


“That manor is where the other personalities live.

When all the personalities are gone, you and Youyou must burn that manor.”

“What about the hospital”

boxn ovel.


“Professor Romanka and I agree that the hospital is Youyous spiritual world.

You dont have to worry about it.”

“In other words, the hospital represents the main personality, and the manor is a place where other personalities are born.

If we allow that manor to exist, then…”

“A steady stream of personalities will emerge from the estate.”

Gong Fan frowned and immediately realized the seriousness of the matter.

He shuddered.

“But Ive been in that manor since I was conscious.

Its like my home.

Why didnt I notice anyone else there at that time”

Alice clarified, “At that time, you didnt establish a connection with the other personalities.

They didnt know you existed, and you didnt know they existed.

The reason you can see them now is because Professor Romanka has created the dreamscape through hypnosis, so that all the personalities are gathered and can see each other.

Otherwise, you wouldnt even be able to see Youyou.”

“In other words, before this, you werent connected to the other personalities, so you didnt know about each other.”

“I see.

But why am I the only one whos been discovered by you They misjudged Youyou as having split personality, didnt they”

Alice said, “Wrong.

These personalities are still immature at this point.”

“From now on, that manor will no longer be your home.

Your home is this body.

You are to become one with Youyou.

Everything else is not important, understand”

Gong Fan nodded seriously.

“Now, do you have any questions”

“Im afraid… that even if Youyou and I join forces, we wont be a match for that young man and that other man.” Gong Fan had a lingering fear.

“Theyre too powerful.”

“Well…” This time, Alice was a little helpless.

She looked at Romanka blankly.

Romanka said, “I dont know what to do about this.

Im sorry, theres nothing I can do about this.” Romanka shrugged.

“I cant say well solve it by force, but we might be able to outwit him.”


“In short, think of a way.

None of us can do anything about this.

Were not in that world, so we cant give a direct opinion.”

“Then, Ill try my best!”


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