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Stockpiling My Abilities In Each Life Another Start - [ Chapter - 7 ]

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When he received that message he went to check what was the title he got and it was called "Chain Master", it improves the chains attack by 250% and training with the chain improved by 200%.

But because of his special ability the titles boosts are cut in half but it was still good for him since the title is still usable then after that Ho-Seok decided that he should gain some more experience points.

Since he needed them to master the "Skeletal Authority" skill, Ho-Seok also decided that he should buy some chain skills since his main weapon was now the chain and he also decided to sell all the bones and equipment he collected before.

So he went out of the dungeon and went back to the inn that he was renting a room in and after going inside he sold all of the bones and equipment and started searching for some good chain skills.

And after a while of of searching through the players store and he found three skills, two of which were chain skills and another was a reinforcement skill, the skills were called, "Chained Web", "Chain Mastery" and "Great Reinforcement".

The skill chain mastery improved Ho-Seoks damage and training proficiency with a chain and the chained web skill was an attack skill with the chain that binds an enemy and the great reinforcement skill just reinforces the chain to become stronger.

But again all the skills effects were cut in half but it was definitely worth it if he masters the skill and he can use it in his next life and so he decided to use the skills to hunt some monsters but he first wore his cloak.

And after that he went to the hunting area on the second floor, there were loads of people hunting monsters there but Ho-Seok just walked past them and went near the cave wall and shouted, "I would like to purchase a second floor hunting are!".

All of the people were laughing at him since he looked like he was crazy but a system notification popped up and Ho-Seok spent his money and the mountain wall opened up and he went inside.

Because people thought he was crazy they never got a good look at at Ho-Seok but some people that were streaming their hunting in the tower saw him but it was still not clear.

Ho-Seok knew this because it was only found out after the tenth floor after a hint from the system for defeating the first boss and when the people saw it worked they tried it out and all of it worked.

It was very expensive but it was a permanent private hunting ground for the player so a lot of people started buying a hunting area and they saw they can invite other players to their hunting ground as well.

So guilds started using this new knowledge for their own guild members and they all started frantically looking for the people who found that out since he might know something else about the tower they don .

Ho-Seok knew he would get caught but that was the only way to buy a hunting area, you needed to say it at the same decibel level as shouting so there was no way of saying it quietly.

So thats why he wore his cloak with the concealing skill and after he went inside the private hunting ground, there were loads of monsters from the second floor but that would only be useful for the second floor.

And this was just a temporary solution since he could always save his money when he restarts his life and make it so he never bought the private hunting ground at all and so he could use his money without a care.

After leveling up for a while, he finished hunting and he was able to level up a lot since he was able to have a private hunting ground by himself and he could also use his full strength without being careful.

He also realized that Calin and Olivia was able to gain some experience when he was hunting and so they were able to improve quite a bit, his proficiency in his chain skills were nearly mastered as well.

And after that he left the the private hunting ground to go inside the inn and while he was inside the inn, he felt an ominous feeling but decided to ignore since he didn see anything.

But his detection skill felt like something was coming at him so he dodged it, it was a dagger and Ho-Seok checked where did it come from and he locked eyes with someone outside on the tress.

So Ho-Seok tried going out but the guy immediately appeared in his room, so Ho-Seok tried asking why was the person trying to kill him and while he was talking he realized who the person in front of him was.

The person was the famous high ranker killer but at that moment he was still at a level where he could only hunt rankers and which he was still at a level where Ho-Seok wouldn be able to win against him.

And Ho-Seok was confused to why he was there and trying to kill him since he definitely had nothing to gain from him but the guy started talking and he said that he clearly saw him opening the private hunting area for the first time.

Ho-Seok was surprised since he definitely used his cloaks concealing skill but while he was thinking that the guy told him that he has a detection skill as well and his was definitely better than Ho-Seoks detection skill.

So Ho-Seon asked if he wanted information, he said no, he just told Ho-Seok that he needed to remove someone who knew too much about the tower because people are now becoming even stronger.

And its getting harder for him to hunt down people because of the private hunting ground he introduced and he said he just wanted to kill the parasite before it becomes too powerful and he slashed Ho-Seoks throat.

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