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"Kaine sensei, are you on exam duty today?" Tsuna noticed his aunt calling out the name of the young teacher, although! For doubts sake, he did not pay much attention to her. At this, Reina smiled when she found out how Tsuna was not staring at her.

"Good morning Sensei…" Reina also greeted her properly.

"Oh! Good morning, Nana-Sensei. Yes! The vice principal has told me to do so, so I cannot refuse him, you know!" Kaine sensei seemed a little troubled by it. When she noticed a young boy beside Nana and Reina.

"Nana-Sensei is he the one that you have been talking about yesterday? He sure is active for his exam, I hope you good luck." She heard about Tsuna from Nana the day before, so she was curious about the boy that Nana-Sensei was talking about.

Although! His image in her mind did not match with the young man in front of her. Given he did not look that dull or silent. By the way, he was talking with Reina, she could tell that Tsuna did not seem to have a problem talking normally like other guys in his age group.

"Good morning, Nana-Sensei. My name is Tsuna Sawada."

Tsuna bowed his head slightly and introduced himself. His casual action seemed uptight and relaxed at the same time.

"I am coming to take an entrance exam today. So, please take care of me in due time."

When Tsuna looked at Nana-Sensei, he instantly realized, that she was related to Iroha. After all, he had seen Iroha yesterday night she also hold many characteristics similar to her.

She was not in the game! This is clearly a sign that a character from his world game can be here or not. While there are chances that there will be new characters, joining in the world and capture section.

But Tsuna did not expect to meet her so soon, so he could tell. That in the future, there are chances that there will be system users like him popping out too.

I have to be faster in this manner. Or else, there are chances that, I might be targeted by those system users like me around. Attacking with variable factor. But one thing is for sure, that I had reacted first and reached level 1.

Tsunas mind was sharp, so when Bubbly said how others needed more than a months time to reach level 1. He realized! One fact is that he was not alone in this world with a system. Where Bubbly also seemed to have said, that he will regret not completing the quest.

That was a rather serious tone from her side, which made him doubt why he was sent here for.

"If not system. They will get some kind of special ability or something, so I cannot be sure how I should prepare against others and what are the chances that there are none."

Tsuna thought for only a moment, before throwing away all those thoughts when he heard a sweet and cheerful voice. "Yes! I hope you all the best and that you will have a good result, for your exam." Kaine smiled brightly while patting Tsunas shoulder.

She looked at Tsuna up and down a little, where she had to admit that he was very handsome, though, as her family member. She was thinking if he could be one of those rebellious kids. But he ended up such a good boy with polite nature which gave her a very good impression.

His dressing style, with a refreshing smile on his face, did not seem to be forced. Tsuna was really standing out among all the male figures in the surrounding.

"Thank you very much, I also hoped that I can get a good result. So, I am going to give it my best in the exam too." Tsuna bow a little as he entered the school by Nanas Aunt and Reinas side.

Though! He was a little bit curious about that teacher from before, but he knew that he will have a lot of chances in the future as he also smiled thinking about the system award, that he received a moment ago.

[Hidden Target Found.]

[Initiating Target Name: Isshiki Kaine. Quest Line. At Further Contact.]

[Reward has been randomized, where target impression toward Host has changed to Initial-Interest.]

[A contracted company from the I.T section, with worth 10 billion-Dollar of assets.] [Gifted.] [Contact: XXXXXXXX27 to collect the reward from a collector.]

With that Tsuna had 2 different contracts on the same number. While the information regarding the company came inside Tsunas mind, as he thought about how he had two other rewards from Isshikis case, which he has yet to see.

"Bye! Bye!" Kaine waved her band and watched both Tsuna and Reina, along with Nana enter the school. Thinking about Nanas nature inside the school, she also thought about Reina and Tsuna from before. She could not help but laugh about it, after all, it was way too funny for that. She turned to look at the people entering the school and called them to hurry up.

Tsuna looked around at the mass, as he looked at Reina who was looking quite confident about the exam. But when she saw a group of certain males, she shook her head and sighed.

Oh! Those are the idiots who are troubling Reina. From the looks of it, all of them are from the same high school a branch of Seima High School.

Nana took a look at Tsuna, following the sign where the entrance exam would be located. Secretly! She looked at Tsuna since she knew that Kaine Isshiki was a very beautiful teacher, and there were a lot of students who had fallen in love with her.

So, in her mind, she was also sure that, Tsuna might also feel a little attracted to her. But when she looked at Tsuna, who was showing whatsoever no interest in her a smile, curved on her lips too.

How proper! He truly is a good child. With this kind of personality, he might even succeed in chasing Kaine too. After all, everything about this kid was way too good. Secretly! Inside her mind.

Nanas impression of Tsuna changed a lot, though she was not the one who thought so. Given! Reina also happens to see everything, as she felt and started to trust that humans can change too. Just like Tsuna was doing.

His action and his personality seemed to have changed into an entirely new person, but the way he talked now was similar to his 5-year-old self.

Tsuna, on the other hand, has been planning about all the knowledge inside his mind. He did not notice anything weird until he noticed that Nana was staring at him.

"Is there something wrong with my face, Nana-Sensei?"

Calling with Senseis tone, Tsunas joking tone woke Nana out. Although! Due to this, Nana who just suddenly woke from her thoughts, asked out what was going on inside her mind.


e not curious about that young teacher?"

Reina also turned to look at him. "Well! To be true, I am curious about her. After all, from the look outside she seemed to be quite popular, so what was her full name?"

"Her name is Isshiki Kaine and she is a new English teacher, but you cannot think strange things or feel toward her, alright? After all, she is a teacher…" Reina said silently.

Tsuna sweated looking at Reinas eyes and her expression. As he was thinking inside his head, about how little confidence they had in him.

"Why do you think, that I will think weird or feel weird about her?" After all, he was sure that he did not show any kind of sign of it. Also! It was true that she was beautiful, but it was not enough for him to make cross the sacred line between light and Darkness.

"If you don then that is good too." Nana also spoke. At this point, Tsuna was truly speechless about how much they suspected him.

"Although! In my mind, both of you are really beautiful, more beautiful than that teacher." He was sure that they will continue to think about it, like that! So, he took his chance to retaliate which seemed to be quite successful.

"Humph! You and your mouth, I wonder how many girls are going to be fooled by you, in this school."

Nana slapped Tsunas shoulder, hearing his words.

Reina did not bother to answer him. But she felt a little happy about it. Given! There is no way a girl would not appreciate others praising her beauty like that.

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