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Tales from Civilty 15 August 745, royal palace

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The Midsummer Festival had been chosen as the date for the coronation. A town committee had been formed to organize the ceremony, including the thorny issue of who should place the crown on the head of the sovereign. Since no one felt they had the authority to do so, it was determined that she would raise and wear it herself. Gal was very busy too, between rehearsals for the ceremony and the tailor and even the blacksmith who made a cast of her skull to form the crown around it. With his mother so busy, Dragomiro gave his worst: Danny was bruised from the constant slinging and Orlantes encouragements to fight back were of no use. The only moments of serenity Danny had were with Lilia and Diamonda.

Tables had been spread out in the courtyard of the palace but people kept arriving from all over Civilty and began to spread out in the park and all around, bringing food and wine. Children were playing in large groups and Danny was trying not to be found by Dragomiro. The band was playing, with Robbie Lang blowing loudly into his ocarina. Someone had brought a goat that was now grazing the grass in the park, with Bono on its back.

The actual ceremony began at least two hours late, all those people would not fit in the throne room so the committee had to put up a stage in the courtyard. When Shugo managed to get some silence he began his speech about the unity of the kingdom and many other good things, but Gal Targari wasn there to hear him.

The throne room was very long and opulent, with tall stained glass windows and the floor covered with bright mosaics.

-You really played a trick on me- Gal said nervously, sitting on one of the steps leading up to the throne. She never imagined she would be wearing such a beautiful dress, red and orange velvet like her familys colors.

-Who better than a mother knows how to take care of a people?- Nico answered sitting on the throne with a goblet of wine.

-You will be a perfect queen- added Santippe looking out the window -See, they are already raising toasts in your honor.

-Then you have to be at my height, "queens councilor"- she replied jokingly.

-I am sitting on the throne- replied Nico at her tone -Maybe I am the king now.

-We must go- Santippe seriously interrupted them -Shugo finished his speech.

They walked toward the exit, with Santippe opening the line. Gal stopped him by pulling him by the sleeve.

-Hey careful, Ive been two hours at the tailor for this dress.

-Take this- she said handing him a scroll. He opened it by quickly scrolling through it, and immediately tried to put it back into Gals hand.

-I can accept it, I can

-I am a queen now. I don need that money anymore- and without waiting for an answer, she went out for the first time to greet her people.

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