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The Four Mystical Saviors Understanding the System

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"oh **" Justin cursed as soon as his master left since he can turn to see his master. He trusted his instincts that was telling him his master was no longer there.

Let it not be that he tricked me, and I fell right straight into his plan Justin gritted his teeth. But he was cut short.

"Who tricked you" a voice which he know was han sens coldly said, but yet in a calm voice.

The voice resounded and echoed in his head.

"ooh" "senior how do I get it the gravity is too much for me and the lotus seed is up a hill" Justin said in his mind, his expression changed immediately he knew that Han Sen was in the ring.

"You got to climb the hill, hills are meant to be climbed aren they" The voice said again.

"Yes sir, but the gravity is too much sir. It feels like I am carrying thousands of mountains.

"Check your system home page"

"Yes, I have almost forgotten about it"

"Home page, show!"

Analyzing host>


Name: Justin Dragovic

Physique: Immortal Celestial Rank {Heavenly draconic Physique}

Cultivation: None

Legacy: None

Bloodline: Locked {Above the world; Seven king dragon blood line}

Physical Strength: 200 1 1 1...

Physical Defense: 600 3 1...

Mental Strength: 1000 ...

Mental Defense: 700 ...

Soul Strength: 2500 ...

Soul Defense: 3000 ...

Weapon intent: Overbearing & Intimidating 5 meter around host

Aura: Overbearing [needs nurturing]

Soul Spirit: Soul Weopon [Immortal Celestial Rank draconic sword]

Regeneration abilities: Level up! Lv 1

First acceptance mission: Kill 20 demons 200 magic point. (1 demon killed) time left (8 days)

sub mission: Kill the head of the vampires and demons Mission Complete reward 1500mp Mission Complete.

sub mission: Kill a galaxy spider 2000mp mission complete.

Thinking speed: 1 action in 5 seconds

Battle experience: no real battle experience only past memories.

Thinking speed: 1 action in 5 seconds.

System Skill:


Danger Warning:

Transparent Status/ Home page:

Shop: Mp reached Shop unlocked. Buy treasures Weopons technique and pills etc from the Shop using Mp.

System Level_______Lv 1 Level up

Mp: 3500mp

Earn 1000 mp to level up.

"what the heck is happening" Justin was flabbergasted when did he kill a galaxy spider?!, when did he kill those expert?!. why would the system (Han Sen) not give him notification? Why was his stats increasing. All these and millions more questions where in his head. He doesn understand at all.

"Whats confusing you" Han Sen had noticed his emotions.

"Sir when did I kill those experts, the galaxy spider and the system did not give me notification or any sign of mission whatsoever."

"Do you think that systems are foolish, when they chose, they choose people with potential for greatness and as the person climbs the ladder they benefit from it, So one of my benefit of helping you was the breakthrough I got through the intense fight between .e and those two experts, and also your ring has many spatial Qi which I absorb the ring is connected to the void where there is unlimited Qi supply."

"And why is my stats rising"

"Take what you

e doing as an exercise and when you exercise you grow stronger, but this place is too extreme for someone from earth and a normal person will get blasted like a balloon if the are within this kind of situation but with the system and your physique you were able to withstand it, and that is the key for you to Climb the hill and get the seed."

"Can I get to know about my physique more"

"Your physique is too profound for you to understand it isone in a trillion, it is very rare the last person with the Physique was recorded approximately 65 million of years ago, though the universe tablet did not tell the name of the person it was known at that time that this physique is the greatest of all, though not much is even known of it...but there was a prophecy at that time that the date of the universe will be determined by four groups of physique...that was one of the things that intrigued me to help you."

"ooh!" Justin was flabbergasted Wasn that the time of our four mission, how could we be known at that time... what is that universe tablet thing? How could we not have known of all this? how was this even possible

"Um... Senior what is a universe Tablet?"

"Its a very large Tablet, that was even as big as a pluto in earths system, name written in it are the names of people who will and those who had already have an effect on the universe...Some are meant to affect the universe badly why others are meant to benefit the universe, the tablets greatest enemy is the devil, lucifer or whatever you can call him."

"Ok Senior" Justin was now beginning to understand and have an idea of what the system can do...st least he is not as confused as before, and the universe.

Despite the aura and commotion in his surrounding Justin still managed to keep his cool. Breathing heavily under both gravity and the aura of two mighty beast... He was still calm, albeit struggling to maintain his calm himself down. After some seconds he took a deep breath before quietly saying.

"Shop open"

Since I have indirectly earned 3500 the shop should be open for use, right?

Floating blue text appeared before him.

Back to molecule {a one use life saver}: helps physical item pass through your body causing no damage. Makes you body to break to their atomic form allowing larger physical object like sword, arrow etc to pass through. Time before the atoms recombine [10 minutes] (1000)

Pill of invisibility: Host will have an invisible body and won be seen for 10 Minutes. (1000)

Skills: Locked (use 1500 to unlock skills)

Abilities: Locked (Use 1500 to unlock abilities)

Techniques: (use 1500 to unlock techniques).

i should buy the pill of invisibility, I hope this really works he thought to himself trying to tap on the floating blue text written Pill of Invisibility.

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