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The Return of Mysterious Ms Jones Mistress is back...!

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"Welcome home mistress" the guards bown their heads at the airport.

they all had the badge symbol from the Jones, this only can help you know how powerful are the Jones this is one family with an economy of the whole country.

"How can I miss the grand welcome of my foolish baby sister" the third brother Damian said.

"mmmh, who told you that I was coming home?" she asked.

"as if who is managing the family baby sister, are you forgetting you left us years ago?" he asked.

"where is Mark" she asked.

"since you left home second brother has always been away doing his medical research he nolonger celebrate or meet people, without you at home who gonna cares to come back, look at me because of you, all the beautiful girls left me alone.

am just a man but no lady around like before."

"Then how about elder brother " she asked.

"that one is like an ice let me tell you sister your elder brother has turn into an old man, he barely smile he is like...." before he could finish.

"excuse me do you think you are any better?" she asked.

"hey at least I picked you up, you know " he said.

"take me home, I don want to be mad this soon" she said.

they travelled home, it was cool and nice being home, its time for her to develop herself,

after a few minutes drive they came across a huge metal gate, this was like a palace, she grew up here,

she started recalling when this family of rich people could run around like nothing else, they were very happy

until their mothers death, everything fell apart when their beloved father could not be happy,

but the four siblings remained happy for their mothers sake, that was until she met, Xavier Snotch a man she believed she fell in love with.

she gave up everything just for him just because she pretend to be poor they treated her as trush, they saw that woman as their sons partner to make it worse she was divorced by her husband two weeks just after their wedding, she stayed in the family like a fool, she became a servant did everything but at the end she was a fool they always can her.

tears run down her cheeks before she could realize it,

she was once being served with maids everywhere, walking on this red carpet, being taken to school with a bodyguard, her shoes were being cleaned after each and every minute

but latter turned into a maid, she was disrespected more than the other maid.

but today she has gained her freedom she has come back to her loving family, the Snotch from acrannada will regret ever bullying her and loving Money, everything they had was given to them by me, therefore I have to take it back.

she walked on the new golden carpet, it was nice walking on it like this back home. she felt the freshness of being back home.

"welcome back home mistress" the maids said.

"Hahaa, Hahaaa, my God, my darling daughter?" the old man who was about to go outside was shocked..!

"hey are you sure am not seeing things?" he asked.

"no boss this is mistress coming home" the guard said

"Daddy, can you greet me your daughter?" Joanna asked.

"lord thank you, sweery you are back, am not going anywhere since my darling is here I won go anywhere today " Mr Jones said.

"hahaa, daddy you can even see me your only son?" Damian asked.

"who cares about trouble, thank you Helly for coming home with her come in lets prepare something to eat then talk to her later" the master said.

"Father thats truly unfair, I was the only one at home with you, now that this big head has come back home, are you going to abandon your only confidant? let me tell you this father, that won happen since I know your secrets I will tell them to sister , lets see how you will escape this...." Damian tried blackmailing his father.

"I can imagine that my only son will blackmail me right in front of my daughter, to think that I told him everything, I can imagine my life now," he said but changed face again

"But I have my daughter even if you know my secrets so what, let me tell you young man, in front of my lovely daughter I fear no lion not even your little blackmail

"and don forget needle master is here , my beautiful niece let me worn you young man you are no match for this two" he said

"okay, okay, okay I surrender" Damian said.

"Prepare meals for my darling daughters their favorite, make sure its their favorite, " she said he was happy, he wanted to have proper meals with his daughters then talk later.

He promised not to ask her about the hardship she went through but promised to avenge for grievances

"Dad, am sorry for what I did to you back then, I didn listen to you and failed you as your only daughter I made you a laughing stalk even though many people don know me

but am aware they must heard of one or two things, actually I was a fool in love, I realized that love comes from both sides, if you have each others heart then it doesn matter

whether the other person is rich or not, marrying him for 8 years, is not a waste of time though I wasted my youth for 8 years father, but it was like I was in a class a school that money and wealth can give father.

therefore living home was my mistake but falling in love with him and marrying him was no mistake, and it really helped learn how to deal with people, therefore daddy am willing to make up for my mistakes " she said, she was very sorry for failing her father and her three lovely brothers and her best friends.

"its okay my darling am happy you said it by yourself from. now on I want you to live your life, be happy

and don worry I will make them pay for ever trying to bully my darling daughter" he said

"No father I will deal with them by myself, I shall rest for some few days,and Helly will help me regain my body, with her by my side I will feel happy" she said.

Now that she is in Granada she hasn contacted her friends she is wonder how they will treat her, will they still like a married yet divorced woman like her?

but it doesn matter what her friends will think about her. After all they have been apart for many years its natural for people to change, she thought.

after there happy meal together, they all planned to have a rest not until, there was door bell.

"respond to the person maybe my elder son has decided to come home today" master said.

immediately the maid opened the door a group of beautiful and famous ladies came in.

"So this little girl is home yet we can be informed?" Melissa was the first one to talk.

"Even father is biased against us now, he didn even tell us about my dolls coming home" Shasa said.

"wuuuhu...! woohoo.....! poor poor us look even uncle didn tell us about this we are doomed forever " Tabitha said pretending to be crying.

"wooooo...! heavens how can our pretty come home yet we can be informed? look even heavens is against us look we are lonely why is life like this,

look at this dumb baby boy, he is aware of it yet we , we are not informed, I can take this anymore uncle, I can take it " Linna said, with pretentious tears.

"alright alright its my fault kids sorry will you forgive your uncle?" master said.

when always around this kids, he is always like a father trying to cox his little babies, this is something that not so many people knows about.

"we will forget about this if uncle give our girl to us" Linna said

everyone "YES UNCLE "...

"okay but return her safe to me okay" he said.

"okay father we will protect her" they said.

secretly Helly sent Joannas condition to them so they could not mess her up,

"okay, we will take not" everyone replied, they wanted her to know that they were her family, her friends and they will always be there for her, in each and every step of her life, no matter how busy they will be,

they are also aware of the things she has done for them in the darkness.

Remirez Club....

Six beautiful and most famous ladies appeared this ladies are not easy to meet or see, and the last time they saw them was 8 years ago, and when they are around, the mysterious musician Anna will always be amongst them except they didn know who she was amongst them.

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