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Chapter 899 Aren't You Forgetting Something

Grey continued staring down at Nathan and shook his head.

People will always resort to anything when faced with death. He knew from the start that Nathan was not someone who had resolve. As long as things weren't going his way, he would change.

From being a respectful genius, he tried to stop people from helping Grey because he was beaten up. Now that he knew there was no way for him to win the fight, instead of going down with his honor, he wanted to cripple himself to ensure he didn't die.

Grey was the one who gave him this choice from the start, but since he refused then, it was already over. There was no way he was going to give him the chance again. When he thought about it sincerely, he realized he made a mistake, as long as he wanted to kill Foudre, then he had to kill Nathan since he was the one who sent Foudre after him.

It was like wanting to kill an assassin, but forgiving the person who sent the assassin to kill you.

Nathan continued pleading, he was currently on his knees, grabbing onto Grey's legs.

When he saw that Grey looked distracted, he released an attack. However, he noticed Grey's figure didn't move.

"I already know your type, and will naturally make moves to stop things of this sort. You can not defeat me." Grey's cold voice entered his ear.

Grey used the darkness element to eat off all the attacks, he had also been pumping the darkness element into his body. This was the reason his attack power dwindled exponentially, unknown to him, hence it became very easy for Grey to block the attack.

Nathan fell to the ground in despair, he was desperate, and he wanted to live.

"I can't accept this." He muttered repeatedly.

Grey bent down to his level, "You don't have to."

Nathan's eyes glowed with madness and he grabbed onto Grey.

"Since you want me dead, I'll take you with me." He roared.

Before Grey could push him off, he exploded with terrifying power.

Grey didn't think Nathan would actually destroy his core in hopes of taking Grey down with him.

Given the short distance, Grey felt the full force of the attack. He was sent flying, crashing through an entire mountain that was almost a kilometer wide.

Nathan was dead, but Grey's condition wasn't good. He was injured in different places, and a large hole was in his stomach.

'Damn it, I'm injured again.' He complained.

This injury was not on the same level as the previous one, but it was serious.

He brought out the best healing tonic he had with him and gulped it down. The light element residuals in his body from the healing session he had from his last injury also went to work as well. He used his own light element to try to heal the injury.

The bleeding soon stopped, and he started to recover, slowly, but he was recovering.

Void appeared beside him with a smile, "That doesn't look good."

"I know." Grey said, still lying in the rubble.

He vanished to the cave where Keith and the snake stayed, entering the water there.

It took some time, but the hole in his stomach started to cover. After almost three days, he managed to step out of the cave. His previous clothes were a mess, so he changed his clothes.

"That moron killed himself just to take me down with him." Grey shook his head as they headed back to the portal.

There was nothing left for him to do in the Lutra realm. He had exerted revenge on the people who wanted him dead, and Klaus' call for help had been over a month. He hadn't even been able to speak with him since he had been unconscious. While he was healing up, he didn't try to communicate with them since he wanted to focus on his health.

He soon appeared close to the portal. To his surprise, he saw a familiar figure there, Eva.

"You're here." He looked at her.

"Where's he" Eva asked.

"Dead." Grey replied.

There was no use hiding it, he already told Eva of his plans of killing them from the start, so even if he lied, she would find out sooner or later when the duo doesn't return from the Lutra realm.

Eva bit her bottom lips, "Why did you have to"

Grey looked at her for some time, but he didn't answer her question. He didn't have to explain his actions. She knew Nathan wanted to kill him, and for him, that was enough for her to come up with a reason why he killed them.

Grey turned to the young man guarding the portal, and after nodding, he left without saying a word.

Eva turned to the young man, "You let him kill him"

"I didn't see anything." The young man replied.

Eva wanted to continue speaking, but the young man continued his words.

"You saw him just arriving, he was never here. Other than seeing him enter and leave the realm, I don't know him." He added.

Eva nodded and left the portal.

Grey was standing with the Elder outside the portal when Eva arrived, she went straight to the Elder.

Grey looked at her, not even bothering to stop her from speaking. When the Elder heard of what Grey did, he turned to Grey who still had the same nonchalant expression.

He knew a thing or two about what happened in the Lutra, especially the part where Grey was almost killed by Foudre, but he didn't really know much about Nathan being involved.

"Grey, is what she said true" He turned to Grey.

"Aren't you forgetting something" Grey nodded to the Elder's question, before turning his attention to Eva who kept out the part where Nathan stopped her from helping him.

The Elder turned to look at Eva and saw her disgruntled expression. He inquired about what Grey was talking about, and she told him everything, including how Nathan stopped her from helping Grey.-

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